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Extend your roof's life

Protect your roof from the effects of the sun

At German Roofing, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality roofing services to ensure your commercial or industrial building overhead is protected and long lasting. The sun can be a harsh factor when it comes to your roof's continued performance. That is why we utilize the Conklin EPDM Membrane Recoating System.

Saving you money down the line

-Energy efficient

-Highly reflective

-Cooler roof surface

-Extended roof life

-Years of guaranteed protection

Lower rooftop temperatures by 30-50 degrees!




of sun's rays

Energy Efficient Solutions

This system adds a reflective coating over an existing EPDM roof membrane. This results in a cooler building, which will decrease your energy costs.

The EPDM Coating System is a three-step system using the very best Conklin products.

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Our warranty program on this leak-proof service covers 10 years on materials. Need further details? Give our service team a call today.